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Teeny Tiny Living...

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22nd June 2011

hippieshit4:54pm: is it too late for CPR?
I just joined a bit ago, but I have noticed this community with a huge following is mostly dead and that saddens me. I was hoping to find more people loving the tiny the life!

Let's bring our community back to life. Let's start posting our tiny spaces or even just tiny spaces we'd love to call home. I'd show off my place, but right now I am living in a HUGE place that's just ridiculous and messy. Nothing worth showing off, heck - half the time I don't even want to be here. It's too big and boring. I like small places with interesting nooks and crannies.

Post! Post! Post! 

7th April 2011

sapitacherry10:38am: 90 square foot apartment!
Simple life in Manhattan: A 90-square-foot home

By Kirsten Dirksen

Watch your knees!Collapse )

11th October 2010

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The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

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15th August 2010

snapes_mistress8:09pm: From small to smaller...
Having lived in Japan for the last three years, I am no stranger to small living spaces. However, in a month I'll be changing jobs, and moving from one small apartment into an even smaller one.

My current place is pretty huge by Japanese standards. I've had the luxury of having a separate bedroom and living room, which is kinda unusual for single-persons' apartments in Japan. My new place will likely be just one room, plus a small kitchenette. I'll no longer have room for my queen-sized bed, nor will I have two closets.

The bed is no big deal. This IS Japan, so I can easily get a twin-sized futon. I was wondering if any of you had any advice on how to maximize what little storage space I will likely have, particularly in the kitchen. While I don't often entertain, or cook for anyone other than me and my boyfriend, I do like cooking, and have collected quite a bit of kitchen equipment: miniature oven, cooking utensils, and some bento boxes and supplies. Plus, I recently brought back a bunch of spices from a visit home. I'm currently keeping my kitchen stuff in two large bookcase-type shelves, because my current kitchen is HUGE by Japanese standards. I won't likely have this much storage space in my new place.

Any rec's for how I can store my kitchen stuff in a user-friendly way? I haven't yet actually seen the new place, so I'm not sure how big or small it'll be... but I'm sure it will be pretty small, with little to no counter space, and probably no cabinets. Most of my friends' apartments don't have cabinets, nor does my current one.

Also, how do you guys prepare your food in places with little counter space?

Pics of your own tiny kitchens would be appreciated, too.

9th August 2010

sapitacherry11:28pm: Dee Williams and the tiny house movement

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

Living large: A look inside the tiny house movement
Source and interview in here!Collapse )

28th July 2010

gravetree10:47am: tiny realestate agency
I am thinking of starting a tiny real-estate agency and here are some of the offerings.


Let me know if you are interested in any viewings;)

9th June 2010

dame_grise11:28am: help with ideas for excess mattresses
The place we're moving to is larger than where we live now and hardly counts as microliving anymore. However, in the hopes we'd find a bigger place I already had plans to get my possessions out of storage at my step-dad's house in another state. These plans can't be changed. So we now have a promised regular 1 BR apartment with no den and possibly 3 beds (1 twin, 1 double/full, & 1 queen). We are dumping our worn out beyond help couch, so I was trying to figure out how to turn one of the beds into a daybed. The easiest would be, I guess, use the twin, but this is the one I'm the least sure we still have (due to our current landlord being very lazy about security where we have it stored with him). I may be able to find out if we still have it in the next few days. Right now, our double bed is the newest, though I think the queen that has been in storage is in better shape.

Ideally, I'd like the queen in the bedroom as that'd be the most comfortable bed to share, and I have an electric mattress pad for those cold winter nights. Having another bed for when one of us is sick would be great, because we're on wildly different schedules day to day and sometimes sleeping side by side means no one gets any real sleep.

So does anyone know of an affordable way to turn a full sized bed into a daybed? Or some other idea...

5th June 2010

alpha_orionis_v2:12pm: Bigger on the Inside?
It was suggested that I crosspost this here from ourapartments.

My husband and I share one of the world's smallest flats (probably not, but it's pretty danged tiny) with two very large cats. I got bored and decided to take some photos.

300 square feet of geekitudeCollapse )

That's really all there is to this place.

25th May 2010

ejw8295:04pm: Small space multi-tasking
Came across this article and thought that it might be of interest:


I love how the bookshelf/entertainment center looks!

11th May 2010

gravetree8:56am: New favorite web site
Luv this site as it has alot of what I have had to find on my own.
Mostly about little house and a few apartments but it has a lot of space saving furniture ideas good for either.
Favorite new item is the "cubeme" it reminds me of my childhood dream house.
What are your favorites?

2nd March 2010

auntie_lovie11:08pm: NY Times : A Roomy 178 Square Feet
Surprisingly accessible ideas, nice photos. Click for article.

8th February 2010

gravetree12:40pm: Cool stuff
A few things here I haven't seen before on this site.
Some is pretty pricey but it might help get the creative juices flowing.
I know it's got me thinking up some crazy ideas especially the bath tower.
Must be a cheaper way to get same effect.

8th December 2009

ejw8297:08pm: NYC's tiniest studio apartment

Don't know if I could deal with that kitchen, though. I like being able to cook in my kitchen, not just have it for clothes storage!

24th November 2009

gravetree7:33am: multi purpose room popups
If they can make this capable of suporting real weight it could be a great way to create muti purpose room enviorments.
Any one have ideas as to what other popups should be next?
I'm thinking diferent types of kids play areas.

6th August 2009

center1:18am: Microliving in Micro and mini cars?

Well, I suppose this is a good and suitable place to ask... been a long time member of the community... don't exactly live in a micro environment... but I'm planning on getting a relatively small car.. a hatchback.. (Honda Fit) while there is a relatively decent amount of cargo space in it, I'm used to a much larger van or station wagon that I have plenty of space to store and tote stuff in... might anybody have any suggestions for keeping one's car well-organized and clean?

And if this post isn't exactly clear, no I do not actually want to _live_ in the car. Although, I suppose if I needed to, I could easily lie down and sleep in it if I rearranged the seats. :P


26th June 2009

nerd4live5:17pm: Book Recommendation
One of my favorite books has got to be "Tokyo: A Certain Style" ( http://www.amazon.com/Tokyo-Certain-Style-Kyoichi-Tsuzuki/dp/0811824233/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1246017634&sr=8-1 )

It's filled with photos of tiny apartments in Tokyo, some are neat and organized and others are messy, but they've all got character. Each apartment feature includes a few details about the owner and some of the pieces of furniture, etc.
The photos are from the early 90s... I wish Tsuzuki would made a volume 2.

Are there any similar books on the market? Photos of small living spaces that are really LIVED IN, rather than immaculate showcases?

25th June 2009

gravetree12:46pm: Micro apartments at treehugger.com
Some new stuff and old stuff at tree hugger.com
the 10 by 10 cube house is the most bizar of them all.

25th March 2009

gravetree8:25am: "Urban Amish" artist colony
Looking for a good deal on real-estate? Close to a big city and a foreign country. A Michigan artist group is trying to make life better in a suburb just NE of Detroit and less than 10 miles from the Canadian boarder.
Houses are practically being given away in what could become the rustbelt's artist colony of the future. Homes vary in size but even the smallest are around 1000 sq foot. Big enough for 2 or 3 apartments by this blogs standard. It seems you don't even have to worry about building codes as the city is currently unable or unwilling to enforce them, at least at the moment.
You could even try, as some are, to stay off the grid and be self sustaining. Using solar cells and wind turbines becoming what I call "Urban Amish". Maybe even grow your own food on an empty lot and make goods from recycled materials to sell to future art tourist. I'm trying to think of how I can make the move myself.
want to learn more go to
and let me know what you think.

22nd January 2009

gravetree2:12pm: Pico apartment living
Some of us live in mini apartments and some of us in micro apartments.
But this web sight makes even my nano apartment, that I use as my icon, seem roomy Check it out at

23rd December 2008

ejw8299:30pm: Thispopped up on my MSN homepage today

I really liked the washer/dryer trick. That’s something that I’d like to keep in mind in the event that my washer/dryer ever need replacing. They are in the kitchen to the right of the sink, so it could work out nicely.

Another small space living article pointed to this store:



8th December 2008

ejw8296:19pm: Brylane Home catalog finds
Thought that these items might be helpful:

Guest Bed Ottoman: www.brylanehome.com/decor/Guest-Bed-Ottoman.aspx

Counter-top Dishwasher: www.brylanehome.com/decor/Counter-Top-Dishwasher.aspx

The reviews aren't so hot on the ottoman but the dishwasher seems to be popular :) 

4th December 2008

gravetree9:22am: have a tiny tiny xmas
Wondering if any one has any tiny xmas decorating ideas they'd like to share.
I mostly mostly limit myself use outdoor christmas lights(some blinking some not)and clip xmas cards to them inside my room. I also have a cheap candle powered chime I am especially fond of. Just wondering what others do or don't do.

31st October 2008

ejw8296:13pm: Link that might be of interest :-)

I came across this site while Googling "micro living" and "small space living". I don't recall seeing it mentioned here before and thought that I'd share:


I hope that others find this helpful!


19th August 2008

thatsevenbetter3:03am: SOOOOOO

the girl who lived in my room before me had left her furnature, she was low on cash and wanted me to buy it. I was lower on cash and couldn't... My friend gave me a desk and a dresser bc he's moving out of the country but I'm still left w/o a bed.

My room is a decent size considering the apartment overall is pretty small, it has good light and I feel like it would be more welcoming as a hang out area and give me even more room if I had a Futon. Also, the boyfriend and I are planning on moving in together when our seperate leases are up in the spring so it would make more sense to get that so we have furnature we can use instead of 2 beds.

The problem is I'm pretty low on cash, but I still want something nice and am not really willing to look on craigs list because it would be nice to have something new to sleep on for the first time in about 8 years. The most I would be able to spend is 200 but i'm looking for something closer to 150. I know i'm not going to get any beautiful artful piece of brand new furniture for this price but I would like something fun/cool/trendy if at all possible. I'm wondering if you could point me anywhere other than the obvious kmart, target etc websites?


13th August 2008

mpnolan3:05pm: no credit history, no co-signer, no proof of income
Has anyone managed to get (rent) a 'place' (house or apartment or other) without a credit history or co-signer? That's the situation I'm in right now.

They also would've accepted "proof of income". I'd hoped to use my university's financial aid award letter (showing how much in grants and loans I'm guaranteed this year) as a surrogate for that, but they wanted 'proof' of $1812/month, and my finaid for room/board is nowhere near that (although, it was enough to pay this apartment's rent).

Have any of you been in a similar spot? How did you handle it?
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