Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in microliving,
Aisha (A Pi)

Closet room

Maybe not totally relevant since I don't really live in a closet - but I did for a few days.

My mom got the carpets cleaned and they smelled like chemicals for 2-3 days. I decided to sleep in the closet, where the carpet was untouched.

I took a medium-sized table and short nightstand, both of which just barely fit inside, and covered them with layers of pillows, a beach towel, and blankets. My clothes remained hanging inside, and my socks and underwear were in the small suitcase under the table. My laptop and shoes also lay under the tables.

It was surprisingly comfortable, but I am only 5 feet tall and usually sleep all curled up. Plus it was nice sleeping somewhere completely dark.

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