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From small to smaller...

Having lived in Japan for the last three years, I am no stranger to small living spaces. However, in a month I'll be changing jobs, and moving from one small apartment into an even smaller one.

My current place is pretty huge by Japanese standards. I've had the luxury of having a separate bedroom and living room, which is kinda unusual for single-persons' apartments in Japan. My new place will likely be just one room, plus a small kitchenette. I'll no longer have room for my queen-sized bed, nor will I have two closets.

The bed is no big deal. This IS Japan, so I can easily get a twin-sized futon. I was wondering if any of you had any advice on how to maximize what little storage space I will likely have, particularly in the kitchen. While I don't often entertain, or cook for anyone other than me and my boyfriend, I do like cooking, and have collected quite a bit of kitchen equipment: miniature oven, cooking utensils, and some bento boxes and supplies. Plus, I recently brought back a bunch of spices from a visit home. I'm currently keeping my kitchen stuff in two large bookcase-type shelves, because my current kitchen is HUGE by Japanese standards. I won't likely have this much storage space in my new place.

Any rec's for how I can store my kitchen stuff in a user-friendly way? I haven't yet actually seen the new place, so I'm not sure how big or small it'll be... but I'm sure it will be pretty small, with little to no counter space, and probably no cabinets. Most of my friends' apartments don't have cabinets, nor does my current one.

Also, how do you guys prepare your food in places with little counter space?

Pics of your own tiny kitchens would be appreciated, too.
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