Sam (dame_grise) wrote in microliving,

help with ideas for excess mattresses

The place we're moving to is larger than where we live now and hardly counts as microliving anymore. However, in the hopes we'd find a bigger place I already had plans to get my possessions out of storage at my step-dad's house in another state. These plans can't be changed. So we now have a promised regular 1 BR apartment with no den and possibly 3 beds (1 twin, 1 double/full, & 1 queen). We are dumping our worn out beyond help couch, so I was trying to figure out how to turn one of the beds into a daybed. The easiest would be, I guess, use the twin, but this is the one I'm the least sure we still have (due to our current landlord being very lazy about security where we have it stored with him). I may be able to find out if we still have it in the next few days. Right now, our double bed is the newest, though I think the queen that has been in storage is in better shape.

Ideally, I'd like the queen in the bedroom as that'd be the most comfortable bed to share, and I have an electric mattress pad for those cold winter nights. Having another bed for when one of us is sick would be great, because we're on wildly different schedules day to day and sometimes sleeping side by side means no one gets any real sleep.

So does anyone know of an affordable way to turn a full sized bed into a daybed? Or some other idea...
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