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"Urban Amish" artist colony

Looking for a good deal on real-estate? Close to a big city and a foreign country. A Michigan artist group is trying to make life better in a suburb just NE of Detroit and less than 10 miles from the Canadian boarder.
Houses are practically being given away in what could become the rustbelt's artist colony of the future. Homes vary in size but even the smallest are around 1000 sq foot. Big enough for 2 or 3 apartments by this blogs standard. It seems you don't even have to worry about building codes as the city is currently unable or unwilling to enforce them, at least at the moment.
You could even try, as some are, to stay off the grid and be self sustaining. Using solar cells and wind turbines becoming what I call "Urban Amish". Maybe even grow your own food on an empty lot and make goods from recycled materials to sell to future art tourist. I'm trying to think of how I can make the move myself.
want to learn more go to
and let me know what you think.
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